NFC goji juice without preservatives, why not be bad for a long time

How many friends have such doubts:

You squeeze a glass of juice  by yourself, it rots in two days at most

The NFC goji juice without preservative

Placed at room temperature for more than 1 year, it is still very fresh

Why is that?

This period we will from the perspective of production, in-depth analysis of the problem of “without preservatives can also be antiseptic”,  to remove everyone’s doubts completely.

If you want to know why there is no corruption at room temperature, you must first understand the causes of corruption.

The source of the deterioration of NFC goji juice lies in the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. Under the appropriate temperature, if there are a variety of viable bacteria in the juice, they will multiply rapidly and cause deterioration.

Therefore, in order to without preservatives, but also natural preservation, processing and filling links must be done sterilization.

Qizitown NFC goji juice is precisely because of the sterilization process excellence, in order to achieve this.